Why Does It Take Women So Long To Get Ready?! A Thread:

For women, “getting ready” is a sacred event. Some men just don’t understand it, though, and wonder why it takes us hours to get dressed! First things first, “getting ready” can be experienced solo dolo, but I’m sure we all prefer to have our best girlfriends over… which brings me to reason #1 as to why it takes women so damn long to get dressed for a night out…

1.) Friends Are Always Invited

It’s so much more fun to get dressed with your girlfriends. I mean, why not have them join you and turn it into a pre-game? Speaking of pre-game…

2.) Drinks Anyone?

Getting ready is an event, guys, so why wouldn’t there be any alcohol?! #IssaCelebration, especially if your girls are with you!

3.) #IssaVibe

I know I’m not the only one who has a “getting ready” playlist! Lots of dancing is involved here which makes the process take even longer.

4.) Half Baked

A woman’s makeup look requires equal parts skill and patience, because there are many layers to a beat face. Eyebrows are very important and YOU WILL wait for us until they are even and perfected! And don’t even get me started on the process of applying lashes!!!

5.) We Gotta Find That Good Light

Once our makeup is done, we have to test it out in good light which basically means that we take a bunch of selfies and record IG Stories. The purpose of this is to make sure that our highlight is on fleek and that our contour is blended juuuust right!

6.) Thank God Wigs Were Invented…

Hair is a whole ‘nother ball game, but thank God we have wigs that we can just style real fast and call it a day! Otherwise we may not ever leave the house at a descent hour.

7.) “I Have Nothing To Wear”

If you thought that us girls already have our outfits together, then you really don’t know us at all.

8.) Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

On top of trying to figure out what to wear, we have to make sure that we also have the proper accessories! It really is just tew much sometimes ?

9.) The Higher The Heels, The Closer To God

I think the number one issue for women while they’re getting ready is trying to decide whether or not to wear heels. Is this look worth a few hours of pain? Hell yes! *regrets in the morning*

10.) Photo-Opp!!

After all of the Belles are ready for the Ball, we have to take dozens of pictures. That final group pic or solo mirror pic is what signifies that us ladies are readayyyy!!

A note to the guys—if you’re going to complain about us not being ready when you are, just make sure that your shoes are on when we are dressed ?

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