#TSRUpdatez: The FCC Is Expected To Repeal Net Neutrality Rules December 14th, Here’s How You Can Help Block It!

Last month, we reported that the #FCC is expected to approve a set of rules which will unravel #NetNeutrality as we know it!

For those of you who haven’t heard, Net Neutrality is a term that describes a free and open internet for everyone to use. It prevents ISPs or “internet service providers” such as Comcast, AT&T, Verizon etc. from speeding up, slowing down (throttling) or blocking any content from websites or apps that you’re engaging with.

#FCC chairman Ajit Pai, who was once the VP of Verizon, petitioned to roll back current net neutrality rules. He thinks it’s a way to keep the government from “micromanaging” the Internet and for ISPs to be open about what they’re doing.

“I think what net neutrality repealed would actually mean is we once again have a free and open internet,” Pai said on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show Monday night. “The government would not be regulating how anyone in the internet service providers, how anyone else in the internet economy manages their networks.”

Many small business owners are totally against the repeal, because they believe that it could negatively affect their business. The repeal will create an uneven playing field for businesses in general by giving larger companies—with more money—an advantage over smaller business who may not be able to afford internet fast-lanes.

Rep. Mike Doyle, who is the top Democrat on a subcommittee that oversees the FCC, has vowed to introduce legislation to block the repeal. Unfortunately, congress is majority Republican and then bill is not likely to go anywhere.

Here is why you should support Net Neutrality by calling your congressmen and congresswomen and urging them to delay their vote or do away with it altogether! Creative freedom is definitely being compromised here:

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Source: http://thehill.com/policy/technology/364570-zero-hour-nears-for-net-neutrality-rules

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