#TSRBrainGamez: Can You Solve These Zodiac Riddles?

1.) Many people perceive me to be mean and others think I’m down right evil, but I’m really just misunderstood. Some of the greatest musicians of all time share my zodiac sign. Who am I?

2.) Often times I’m seen as a crybaby, but I am just very secure in my emotions. I don’t let people in very easily, but once I do they’re there for life. Who am I?

3.) I can be stubborn at times, but I’m so much more than that. If you want to see, then be as real with me as I am with you, because if you’re not I’ll know it. Who am I?

4.) Sure, I like attention, but who doesn’t? I shouldn’t be punished for being up front about what I want. Do you know who I am?

5.) I’m not picky, I’m a perfectionist. Guess who…

6.) I don’t believe in leading a life of full of bad sex and neither should you. Now, I could teach you, but I’d have to charge! Do you know who I am?

7.) Past lovers and friends just love to call me “aloof,” but what does that even mean? All you have to do is ask questions if you’re unsure about something. Who am I?

8.) A lot of the time, I’m just in my own little world. I love music, though, and a lot of people who share my sign are really quirky musicians. We just be vibing on another level! Can you guess who I am?

9.) I’m built Ford tough and I expect those around me to be able to match my greatness! There is no grey area when it comes to what I expect of myself and from those around me. Who am I?

10.) A lot of people get on me for being ” too blunt,” but there’s no such thing as sugarcoating the truth. I also won’t lie to you, because I actually care about helping those I come in contact with becoming better people. Can you guess my zodiac sign?

11.) I am known for my temper, but I’m just very sure about what I want in life and I get passionate about that. Do you know what my zodiac sign is?

12.) My life challenge is finding balance. It’s not as easy as it seems! Do you know what my zodiac sign is?

Answer Key:

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