Troy Ave Throws A Cocaine Wedding In “Married To The Game” Video

Peep the latest visuals off Troy Ave’s WC5.

Most people, when they imagine their dream wedding, would typically imagine a beautiful ceremony in a gorgeous chapel, or perhaps a small ceremony in a far away country. Troy Ave‘s idea of a perfect wedding is cooking crack while his two brides twerk in their wedding dresses, as seen in his new , “Married to the Game.” 

Troy takes the title for the song and runs as far as he can with it, posing in a tuxedo and or a red bow tie. Though he doesn’t go so far as to make an entire wedding cake of cocaine, he does whip up babies in the kitchen while his lovely brides pose and aim guns at the camera. 

Is this a wedding that you’d want an invitation to? Watch “Married to the Game” above and let us know what you think.