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Reason – Middle Child (Freestyle) Lyrics

Reason - Middle Child (Freestyle)

[Verse] Yeah, niggas been countin’ me out Huh, shit, I’ma bring change like the couch No I’m not famous, successful, or rich but I’m heading in route You could ask Top, he could vouch, wait Fully loaded clip I’m taking name at the doubt Nigga gotta kill that nigga ‘for I spill that nigga Like […]

Reason – Middle Child (Freestyle)

Reason - Middle Child (Freestyle)

TDE is loaded with talent. The label announced this week that Zacari would be coming through with a new project imminently. Following that announcement, we took a deep dive into each artist on the Kendrick Lamar-led roster, reminding you of what they have going on this next year. Almost as if he peeped the feature, […]

Reason – O Suna Mang Keleteng ft. Kwesta & Kid X

Reason – O Suna Mang Keleteng ft. Kwesta & Kid X Reason – O Suna Mang Keleteng ft. Kwesta & Kid X. O Suna Mang Keleteng Is the definite hit record performed by rap vet Reason off his forthcoming studio album Azania which sees the light of day this weekend. O Suna Mang Keleteng features diverse rapper Kid X and Raplyf chief Kwesta. Reason had initially […]