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Jessie J – Essentials (Unofficial) Album

Jessie J – Essentials (Unofficial) Album

Jessie J has been dropping singles to usher in his album “Essentials”. Jessie J came through with “You n Me,” “What Is It That You Want,” “Good Morning, Love,” and “If This Was Love” which showcased his creative vision. Now fans can dive into the entire project. Essentials stays away from the trend of short […]

Jessie J – Queen Lyrics

Jessie J – Queen Lyrics [Verse 1] Stop playing with your body, lady Stop feeling like you’re not enough Stop feeding into the haters Stop and give yourself some love (woah) Stop staring at the mirror getting faded Saying you won’t fall in love Stop trusting in those fake idiots Trust me they don’t give […]

Jessie J – Real Deal Lyrics

Jessie J – Real Deal Lyrics Hey, woo! Flyin’ (fly up) You and your heart woke up So you choked on the silence (woke up) It’s been a hot minute Damn you hold me just how I like it (just woke up) Touchin’ you again on the other side of it I never thought that […]