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Keri Hilson Reveals She’s Planning A Comeback After Hitting ‘Rock Bottom’ In An Emotional Session With Psychic Reginald Lewis

#KeriHilson was not ready for emotional meeting with psychic Reginald Lewis last month! He had got in contact with the singer’s grandmother who confirmed to him that she had been dealing with people who are taking advantage of her. “That’s one of the things I’m walking away from,” she said. Now, mind you, this reading […]

Grambling State University’s Shakyla Hill Makes History With 1st Women’s NCAA Quadruple-Double In 25 Years

Let me tell y’all a little something about #blackgirlmagic on this wonderful Thursday morning! A #GramblingStateUniversity female basketball player #ShakylaHill recorded a quadruple double in last night’s game against #AlabamaState and everybody’s shook! A quadruple double is when an athlete scores a two-digit number in four out of the following five categories: points scored, assists, […]

Netflix’s “Bright” Movie A Hit Amongst Viewers As They Praise The Film For Hidden Themes Dealing With Racism, Classism & Systematic Injustices

Roommates, have you guys seen #Bright featuring #WillSmith on Netflix? Dozens of movie critics have given the film horrific ratings—Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 28%. Despite what they call a “terrible” movie, “Bright” seems to be a hit amongst regular people like us—securing a 93% on Google Review! #Bright’s non-commercial success is mainly due to […]

Alicia Keys Demands For A Company To Leave Her Out Husband’s Lawsuit & Accuses Them Of Extortion

Roommates, do y’all remember when #SwizzBeatz was sued last year? Metro Gem Leasing accused the producer of reselling and “fraudulently using” luxury vehicles—including a $155,000 Range Rover and $600,000 Ferrari F12 that was leased under his name. The company is seeking $16.5 million in damages and has been coming for Swizz since November 2016, however […]