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Dave – Disaster Lyrics Ft. J Hus

Dave – Disaster Ft. J Hus

[Chorus: J Hus] Smiling like a nice person Came on a Rambo ting, everyting camouflaging Looking like a bulletproof vest, nah, that’s just a body warmer Big man gossiping, there’s noting worser I swear I’m a father for them man Bring something larger for them man Disaster, disaster for them man Them man, them man, […]

Funky friday – Dave lyrics

Lyrics Funky friday – Dave Funky friday lyrics At this age How are them man still hating? My young boy in a different country But he ain’t ever been on vacation One hand on a girl I’m dating One hand on the cash I’m making We come through like Funky Friday And have all of […]

Dave – Hangman Lyrics

{Intro}It’sSantanST, look {Verse}I see a lot of man let their jealousy creep inWatch who you eat with, the girls that you sleep withWatch who you talk with, walk with, speak withThe first to the motives, the last to the meetingsHuh, all I know is how to work bruvStart off as a worker […]