Sting and Shaggy Perform at Queen’s Elizabeth’s Birthday Party

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 92nd birthday Saturday night by throwing a big-ass concert at Royal Albert Hall in London featuring an assortment of British and British-ish musical acts, including Kylie Minogue, Shawn Mendes, and (Sir) Tom Jones. As previously reported, the royal family also booked Sting—who is not a knight, but in 2003 received a CBE, the next highest honor—and Shaggy, who performed their reggae-gesturing single “Don’t Make Me Wait” from their collaborate new album 44/876 released on Friday. The album is ’s first since his 2016 rock comeback 57th & 9th, and ’s first since 2011’s Summer in Kingston.

The Queen seemed to enjoy the set, although it’s tough to be sure. , Prince Henry, and Meghan Markle also clapped politely for Sting and Shaggy.


Watch the performance below.

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