Siya Returns With Four-Track “4B4” Mixtape

Brooklyn rapper Siya is back once again, and this time she drops off her 4B4 mixtape, a teaser that’s said to be the prequel to her forthcoming release, thirt3+3n. The mixtape might not be lengthy, but the emcee delivers an eclectic array of tracks for fans. We haven’t heard much from Siya since her third studio album Mad Energy hit the streets back in August, but if 4B4 is a peek into what’s to come, the rapper has been using her time wisely.

The 32-year-old worked with a handful of producers for the record, including Nabepro, a young Japanese artist who’s responsible for “Flaw,” a single that a favorite among fans. T.L. Williams produced “Believe Me” and the Too $hort-sampled “Getting Some Head” that features Shawnna, the rapper who first dropped “Gettin Some” back in 2006. The pair perform a sexually-explicit track that’s right on par with Shawnna favorites of the past. Audio Dope and Dungeon Music came together for “Highs & Lows,” a more laid back track that features the vocal stylings of Knoxxy.


1. Flaw ft. G.O & Feby
2. Getting Some Head ft. Shawnna
3. Believe Me 
4. Highs & Lows ft. Knoxxy