Shortwave – Phased Album

Shortwave – Phased Album

has been dropping singles to usher in his album “Phased”. came through with “Need for Your Comfort” “Emotional Matters,” “On the Floor,” and “In Your Hands” which showcased his creative vision. Now fans can dive into the entire project. Phased stays away from the trend of short album and delivers great tunes on this new released album.

Shortwave stands out among American singers with his smooth delivery, which gives him good music vibe at times. The fluidity of Shortwave’s Alternative affair is on full display on Phased.

The album Phased features guest appearances from Poemme and more. The long list of features gives the project less of a personal vibe, and it plays like a collective narrative with several stand out verses.

Shortwave Tracklist:

1. Moon (Pulse)
2. Sunrise (Solar Wind at Dawn)
3. Eclipse (A Moment’s Time)
4. Phased (The Sunset, Pts. 1-4)




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