Shad Returns From A Short Hiatus With “The Fool Pt 1”

Canadian emcee Shad has occupied an interested role in his native country as cultural critic with the CBC. After relieving Jian Ghomeshi of his duties after a Nationally publicized sexual misconduct scandal, Shad put his aspirations as a rapper aside for just a moment. Unfortunately his tenure on CBC radio lasted little over a year, not because he was less-than affable or misinformed, but because he’d been thrust into a media spotlight with zero radio experience whatsoever.

Thankfully Shad has rebounded from his “sacking” to return to what he knows best, the performing arts. Shad conjointly announced a tour, album and video single all within the same breadth of expression. “A Short Story About A War” is available for pre-order here.

A Short Story About A War Tracklist

  1. Intro: Sniper
    2. The Revolution/The Establishment
    3. The Stone Throwers (Gone in a Blink)
    4. Get it Got it Good Intro
    5. The Fool Pt. 1 (Get it Got it Good)
    6. Magic Intro
    7. Magic (feat. Lido Pimienta)
    8. The Fool Pt. 2 (Water) (feat. Steven Mulcare)
    9. Sniper Interlude
    10. Peace/War
    11. The Fool Pt. 3 (Frame of Mind)
    12. Another Year (feat. Ian Kamau & Eternia)
    13. All I Need (feat. Yukon Blonde)

Quotable Lyrics:

Lord what do you make of this way that I’m walking
This path that I’m on, you made a way for me
Hope that isn’t wrong, nowadays my legs is weak
What if my staff isn’t strong, what if it breaks
Uh, who got me? uh, you got me!
I know that you got me good