Omarosa Manigault Responds To Robin Roberts’ “Bye Felicia” Comment By Insisting That Black Women Are In A Civil War

This morning, #GoodMorningAmerica anchor #RobinRoberts threw some shade at former White House staffer #OmarosaManigault after her interview with fellow #GMA anchor #MichaelStrahan aired. She said that she has “quite a story to tell” and when she is able to tell it she knows that it’s “a profound story that I know the world will want to hear.”

Well, Ms. Roberts was unimpressed by Omarosa’s sob story and said that she’ll probably be selling her story. The news anchor said this through a few eye rolls and even threw in a quick “Bye, Felicia!” at the end of that segment. The former “Apprentice” star heard about it and briefly addressed it with @InsideEdition. “That was petty,” Omarosa said. “It’s a black woman civil war.”

Now, we don’t know exactly what she means by that, but I guess we’ll see when Omarosa’s story goes on sale…

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