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Zlatan – This Year Lyrics

[Intro] Eee eee eeeh, Gombe Blessing time, Offering time Zlatan, Yo Rexxie on this one Shupratu marie Marie shupraku Oya! [Chorus] Ke eleda mi masun(masun o masun o) Kori me masunle(sunle sunle eeeeh) As I dey hustle o(hustle o hustle o) Kowo wa kowole(kowole kowole) Kowo wa kowole This year ama lowo lowo, ama shayo […]

Big Sean – The Ways Lyrics

Big Sean – The Ways

[Intro] Doin’ what I gotta do, doin’ what I gotta do This life is not for you Uhh, woah woah woah woah [Chorus: Big Sean & Jhené Aiko] That’s just the ways, yeah I swear that’s just the ways I can’t change how I was raised You know that’s just the ways That’s just the […]

Asa – The Beginning Lyrics

Asa – The Beginning Lyrics

One of us must have a last say Words like dagger we try to hurt each other There’s no other way until one surrender We’ve been like this for days We’ve been like this for days So when you said goodbye With a smile on your face I thought it was as usual You’ll be […]

Blaq Diamond – Memeza Lyrics ft. Sjava

Blaq Diamond – Memeza ft. Sjava

[Chorus: Sjava & Blaq Diamond] Sengize ngasha nezwi ngimemeza Ngimemeza Kodwa akekh’ osabelayo Kodwa akekh’ osabelayo Sengize ngasha nezwi ngimemeza (oh ngimemeza) Ngimemeza (oh ngimemeza baba) Kodwa akekh’ osabelayo [Post-Chorus: Blaq Diamond] Kodwa makumemeza bona hhayi I’m always there when they need me, they need me, they need me ngiyasabela Kodwa makumemeza bona hhayi I’m […]

James Blake – Mulholland Lyrics

James Blake – Mulholland

Anyone whose ever made it across those steps At Lindesfarne, that Lindesfarne Where the tide comes in early and leaves us stranded Without our family until the morning They are just now understanding me They are just now understanding me They are just now understanding me They are just now understanding me They are just […]

Popcaan – Goals Lyrics

Popcaan – Goals

Marcus Dem cah stop we Badda don Yow hear ma seh dosa You know we style enuh Woii On we go as usual Mi diamond dem unusual Dem a use gal try set me up Dem nuh know seh mi used to gal Cah see di devil cah mi slew di man My respect is […]

Alikiba – Mbio Lyrics

Alikiba – Mbio

Aaah…(yeap) Aaah aaah yeah Oooh yeah… Oooh yeah aaah Morning morning Young morning girl, ah zaliawa Ali billionaire wa malavi oooh ooh Bila we kwa vile eeh, tutaishi na wewe Mimi love, mimi love Ooh nah nah nah nah Ukiniacha we sheri wee Nitabaki na nani oooh Mi nitalia lia aah Mi nitalia sana aaah […]

Victoria Kimani – Swalalala Lyrics

Victoria Kimani – Swalalala

Wassup Masterkraft, I just got somethings, I just wanna get off my chest Is that alright? Girl you badder na Girl you sweeter na Shine right like a diamond Everything set you know Girl you badder na, yeah Girl you sweeter na, oooh Shine right like a diamond Everything soft Then go swalalala swalalala yeah […]