Lil Pump – Harverd Dropout Album

Billboard has actually put in the time to take a seat with Pump, in order to select his brain on his recent accomplishments. Explaining his reactions to be mostly built of incomplete thoughts and hyperbole,” the piece reaches a crowning point when Pump reflects on shooting I Love It” with Kanye West For the most part, his reflections live up to Billboard’s description, though his supervisor Dooney Battle does his finest to link the dots. It seems as if Kanye and Pump were in talk with collaborate on Pump’s Harverd Dropout, and I Love It” became a result. Check album tracklist below:

1.  Drop Out 
2.  Nu Uh
3.  I Love It
4.  ION
5.  Fasho Fasho
6.  Racks on Racks
7.  Off-White
8.  Butterfly Doors
9.  Too Much Ice
10.  Multi Millionaire
11.  Vroom Vroom Vroom
12.  Be Like Me
13.  Stripper Name
14.  Drug Addicts
16.  Who Dat
Updated: February 20, 2019 — 2:41 am

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