Future – Krazy But True

It isn’t much of an aberration to label Future’s The WIZRD the best album of 2019, given the quantity shortage at the moment. But rest assured, his latest opus still has the makings of a lucky fixture six months from now. On “Krazy But True,” the Zone 6 regular picks up where he left off in the accompanying WIZRD documentary. Like Gucci Mane before him, Future is ready to “pull away,” but not before putting all the bottom-feeding Elroy’s in their place.

“Krazy But True” is a song on the subject of father time. As he did on previous songs like “Afterlife” and “Showed Up,” addresses the issue of rappers biting his style “to no end” – the bulk of which extends to him gaining proper acknowledgment for his work. Future is none too concerned with overdoing the drug-addled formula, especially on songs like “Krazy But True” where he raps, “this ecstasy the only reason why my heart beating.” There’s a push system in play; Future knows the rules of engagement better than anyone in his position.



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Updated: January 20, 2019 — 2:57 pm

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