Future – F&N

“I just took an AK to a dinner date,” boasts Future, in “F&N’s” opening movement. The line is but one of many instances of vintage Future imagery, equally absurd and unapologetic, liable to leap off the page. It’s been a few days since The WIZRD has had time to resonate, and while the project primarily flows as one cohesive unit, the journey is bolstered by several standout chapters. Beginning innocuously enough, “F&N” finds Future employing a laid back flow over an uptempo instrumental; the darker elements are merely teased, evident within the ominous soundscapes and unresolved loop. Around the midway mark, however, all hell breaks loose.

The combination of Southside, Wheezy, and ATL Jacob certainly outdid themselves with this one. The beat switch is truly something to behold, galvanizing the banger with a new dose of life, prompting Future to kick up his flow to match the pace. Eerie, cold, and urgent, “F&N’s” latter half will likely standout as The WIZRD’s most notable banger. Be sure to check out the album now, and indulge in the character study of one of hip-hop’s most enigmatic.



Updated: January 21, 2019 — 5:59 pm

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