Future – First Off ft. Travis Scott

When the clock hit midnight, we were all absorbed by Future’s latest effort. The artist had been promoting the project heavily in the media prior to the release of The WIZRD and finally, the full work had dropped. The day before its official release, Future decided to preview the introductory five tracks on social media but we were not graced with any of the announced features. Travis Scott was one of the more exciting names to appear on the tracklist. With Fewtch going it mostly alone this time around, a different voice would be welcome near the end of the album and Trav ended up bringing more than just that.

On “First Off,” the duo of rappers are happy bragging about their financial gains in the last year. The hook consists of Future telling everybody that he’s back on his Forbes shit, glad to be making more dough than NBA star Dwyane Wade. Despite Wade signing a less substantial contract this year, the Miami baller has made loads of cash during his lengthy career. ATL Jacob produced this song, appearing a handful of times on The WIZRD.

With only a few features on this project, Future decided to flex his own skills for over an hour during this go. What do you think?

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