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Rhodes Global Scholarships

2020 Rhodes Global Scholarships will open on 1 June 2019 to international students who are not part of Rhodes countries. The scholarship are towards any Master’s Degree offered at University of Oxford in UK. Deadline for applications is 31 July 2019. Read more »

Bocconi Merit and International Awards

2019-2020 Bocconi Scholarships are open to international students from around the world. The scholarships are towards a Bachelor Program or Master of Science Program offered at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Deadline coincides with admissions: 5 June 2019 for undergraduate applicants and 30 May 2019 for graduate applicants. Read more »

St. Cross Worldwide Scholarships

2019-2020 St. Cross Worldwide Scholarships are open to students from one of the six continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania). The scholarships are towards a one-year Master’s (MSc/MSt) course at St. Cross College, University of Oxford. Deadline is 7 June 2019. Course starts October 2019. Read more »

Top 10 Scholarships in Italy for International Students

In Italy, all international students are entitled to the same financial assistance services as Italian students based on same requisites of financial means and/or merit. There are government scholarships at the national and regional level to which international students can apply for. Moreover, some Italian Universities offer scholarship programs for international students. Read more »

DAAD Masters Scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance

2020 DAAD Helmut-Schmidt-Programme Scholarships for Public Policy and Governance are open to students from Africa, North/Central America, Latin America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. The scholarships are towards a Masters Degree related to Development, Public Policy, and Good Governance at participating German Universities. Deadline is 31 July 2019. Course starts September-October 2020. […]

Goethe Goes Global – Master Scholarships

2019-2020 Goethe Global Scholarships are open to international or German students who have completed at least two thirds of their bachelor’s degree (or another equivalent or higher degree) at a university outside of Germany. The scholarships are towards all consecutive Master’s Programmes offered at Goethe University in Germany. Deadline varies depending on the programme but […]