Coachella Security Appear To Beat Up Belly During The Weeknd’s Set

Bellythe Weeknd-affiliated rapper who co-wrote much of Beauty Behind The Madness, not the recently reunited alt-rock quartet led by Tanya Donelly — was seemingly attacked by security during ’s headlining set at the festival last night. TMZ reports that the rapper, who had performed earlier in the night, was in a line of people walking from the sound booth to the VIP area near the main stage when about 10 men in security uniforms started beating on him.

It’s unclear what happened, and neither nor Coachella organizers have offered any details. But seems to be fine, at least. “20 of you pussies couldn’t take me off my feet,” he tweeted last night. “I’m great y’all. I love you.” He later added, “no negative bullshit can steal my joy … I performed the best show of my life, on 4/20 at Coachella. I really came from nothing, and I’m still here … It’s gotta mean something.”

According to TMZ, by the time police showed up at the scene, everyone had dispersed and no report was taken. But footage of the incident was caught on camera, and you can watch it go down and find Belly’s tweets below.

This article originally appeared on Stereogum.

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