Classified & Tory Lanez’s Single “Cold Love” Gets Haunting Visual

Canadian rapper Classified first dropped “Cold Love” back in September 2018, his Tory Lanez-assisted single that’s included on his Tomorrow Could Be the Day Things Change release. Lanez is a well-rounded artist, but on “Cold Love,” he lends his vocals to the hook. The film noir visual is directed by Classified’s younger brother Mike Boyd and shows a trio of diabolical figures stalking the night’s streets.

“I always have fun songs on my albums, but I also like to have something that’s important to talk about, to think about,” Classified told The London Free Press. “I always feel like whatever album I’ve just put out is my best album, but with this one I definitely feel like I’ve hit the spot.” The seasoned rapper also reflected on watching hip hop evolve. “I remember starting out and hearing people say ‘It’s just the next disco,’” he recalls. “Well, 40 years later it’s the biggest genre in the world and it’s definitely getting the recognition it deserves.”