Cassidy On Giving R. Kelly Guns Amid Jay-Z Feud: Watch The 2014 Interview

Music fans have been looking for answers ever since Surviving R. Kelly aired. The events surrounding the scandal are being called into question along with the implication of other industry figures. Jay-Z has been roped into the discussion recently due to his connection to Aaliyah. An interview given by Cassidy dating back to 2014 adds details to the narrative. The rapper sat down with VladTv and recounted the night he handed guns to R. Kelly who had been dealing with a “situation” while on tour with Jay-Z.

Cassidy was set to perform with Kelly at Madison Square Garden, but the R&B artist’s situation escalated into violence before they could hit the stage. “Next thing I know, I see all this commotion…I didn’t know it was with Jay-Z. I didn’t know who it was with.”