Casiinoh – Aza Bhagyemi

Casiinoh - Aza Bhagyemi

Aza Bhagyemi, coming from the Abuja indigenous based artist, Olodo Records front act, is taking his own language “Gbagyi” into hip hop music. Casiinoh is becoming the first Gbagyi Indigenous Artist from Bwari-Abuja, currently making wave with new school hip-hop rap generation, no contesting from any other artists presently in Nigeria, but what we like about this dude is the English and Local vibe he uses in making his unique song not just Aza Bhagyemi, but also “Oluwa shanu mi” released early this year and other previous songs.

Before passing by this dude just stream and download Aza Bhagyemi below, why the meaning of the song titled “Aza Bhagyemi, is people want to see me in English translation,

DOWNLOAD MP3 Casiinoh Aza Bhagyemi

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