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Evelyn Braxton Details “Volatile” Relationship Between Tamar & Vince: “They’ve Been Trying To Hide It For Years—And I Have The Audacity To Tell The Truth!”

As many of you know, singer #TamarBraxton is in the middle of a divorce from estranged husband #VincentHerbert. Tamar’s mother Evelyn is glad that the relationship is ending, because she says that her daughter has been suffering physical and emotional abuse throughout the 10-year marriage. “It was definitely a volatile relationship,” Ms. Braxton told @TheGrio. […]

Blood Donation Center Accused Of Racism After Requesting Black Donors—Brings Receipts Explaining That Many Black People Have A Rare Blood Type

Hey, Roommates! Get your notebooks out, because a blood donation center out of the U.K. just took us to school, y’all! #GiveBloodNHS was recently accused of being racist after they requested black donors. The organization received so much backlash that they felt compelled to give everyone a Twitter lesson on blood transfusions. […]

#TSRPositiveImages: Philadelphia Barber Gifted A Free Barbershop To Continue His #Haircuts4TheHomeless Initiative

#Philadelphia is the city of #BrotherlyLove and one man is spreading some love by donating free haircuts to the homeless. What he wouldn’t expect was for someone to bless him in an even bigger way than he was blessing his customers! #BrennonJones started #Haircuts4TheHomeless to give free haircuts, food and toiletries to those in need. […]

#WhereTheyAtNow: Did You Realize That Former American Idol Contestant Justin Guarini Is “Lil Sweet” In The Diet Dr. Pepper Commercials?!

#Roommates, do you guys remember #JustinGuarini from the first season of #AmericanIdol? He was super handsome with a tall curly fro who took 2nd place after #KellyClarkson that year. Guarini seemingly flew under the radar, but later emerged as the Prince-inspired “‘Lil Sweet” character on the #DietDrPepper ads last year! He sings his way through […]