AJ Tracey – AJ Tracey Album

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London’s own  has dropped his self-titled debut album. AJ Tracey features the singles “Butterflies” and “Psych Out!” plus appearances from Giggs and Jay Critch.

Speaking to The FADER in 2018, Tracey explained he only releases music he thinks will be a hit. “Bangers only,” he said. “I’m not putting it out unless I personally feel like this is a superbanger. I’m doing super quality control.”

1.  Plan B
2.  Jackpot
3.  Rina
4.  Wifey Riddim 3
5.  Double C’s
6.  Country Star
7.  Psych Out!
8.  Butterflies
9.  Necklace 
10.  Prada Me
11.  Ladbroke Grove
12.  Doing It
13.  Nothing But Net
14.  Horror Flick
15.  Triple S

Stream AJ Tracey below:

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