Aaron Rose Gathers Fellow Pro Era Members On “FTW”

It must be a great feeling to hop on a track with your friends and celebrate having formed one of the most ferocious collectives in hip hop. Pro Era has been putting in the work for years and this song shows three of its members – Aaron Rose, Joey Bada$$ and Chuck Strangers – owning the success that was birthed out of it. Aaron Rose emphasized this sentiment when, in regards to “FTW”, he told Complex, “The lyrics symbolize that feeling of reaching your goals that you’ve set for yourself to succeed. Hitting your target and then some. In a braggadocios way, we’re letting the world know how it feels to win in our shoes. Actually getting the chance to enjoy the fruits of our hard labor and always progressing to reach higher tiers in the process.”

The song – produced by other Pro Era member, Power Pleasant – has a dark East Coast feel to it with distortions, echoes and creeping piano chords. The hardest posse cuts often employ this technique, unflinchingly breaking through the dark atmosphere with bars that tell you what they’ve been through to get here. 

“FTW” is a single off of Aaron Rose’s upcoming project, Rozart, which is expected to drop later in the year.

Quotable Lyrics

Got that Yola and Reebok
Kicked through the door, I bust the lock
Living legend like Detox
This that Linkin Park, we rock